Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Manicure Essentials

 OK! So I would like to place some emphasis on the California Mango brand for their cuticle oil and hand lotion. The cuticle oil/gel smells amazing (that is the small orange bottle on the far left) and also it lasts forever. I have had that since January 2012 and I still have half the bottle left. If you are someone who uses cuticle oil or gel a lot this product is a must have! You can buy it and the matching hand creme at Sally's. Also I would like to draw some attention to the cuticle remover tool (it is light purple and in the middle of the pic). I use this tool every time I do my nails. I prefer this tool to remove my cuticles because if you use it correctly it is a fast and easy tool to remove your cuticles without pain. Plus it is really cheap. This tool can be found anywhere that sells beauty supplies. I bought mine for $1.99. The Birchwood sticks the natural cuticle eliminator are recent items I have purchased to remove cuticle as well. I like the sticks because they are also cheap and effective. The whole bag there was 6.99 at Sally's. I noticed my manicures look way better after using these sticks with the cuticle eliminator. Also the eliminator goes on sale and there are a lot of options to choose from at Sally's Beauty :)

Here is my collection of Seche Vite products. My friend Jill Shehee got me started on this product. A manicure cannot be complete without these top and base coats. The top coat of Seche Vite dries through multiple layers of your polish to make painting your nails a breeze. This product however is very thick. Make sure you purchase the restore shown on the far right with the dropper. By adding the drops of the restore you can continue to use this product until the end of each bottle. You can also use restore for any nail polish that is old and thick and needs RESTORED. Hence the name! lol. Now if you paint your nail frequently you may want to invest in the professional kit. That is the large bottle in the middle. It comes with the applicator to pour it into the small bottles for everyday use. This is nice because you are saving money. I got my kit on amazon for 17.99. You can also get yours at Sallys on sale or other various beauty websites. Also remember this product is popular so Sally's will run some great sales on it every now and then. I got the top coat and the base coat BOGO. So I was happy with that. If you have not tried Seche Vite I highly recommend it :)

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